5 Reasons Why to Become a Nurse

In a society where more and more medical conditions appear on a daily basis and where thousands of people in your area need urgent care, it can be a very good idea to become a nurse as fast as possible. But is this a good idea, and which are the main reason why a person should become a nurse?

Let’s find that out right now!

Great wages

Nurses have a very good wage and as they accumulate more experience at the workplace their salary will increase, sometimes exponentially.

For example, the medium wage for a nurse is around $52000, with a very experienced nurse being able to earn anywhere from that sum and up to $75000 or even more.

This is a job that has a great pay, so if the financial side is very important for you, becoming a nurse can be a very good idea.

Flexible shifts

Many of us are tired of the 9 to 5 schedules and want a more flexible schedule. Being a nurse allows you to work in shifts, which means that you can opt for the best schedule that suit your needs and change it when the time arises.

You can save lives

This should be the main reason why you become a nurse in the first place, and that is to save lives.

Being a nurse is unlike any other job, because you will be able to work hard and offer the care that people need at all times.

This will also allow you to make the difference between life and death, so you should definitely consider this job if you want to make the society a better one.

You can work anywhere you want

There’s no place you can be tied to when you are a nurse, you can basically work anywhere in the world if you so desire as the craft and skills required are basically the same.

What makes the difference here is your qualification, recommendations and experience, otherwise the skills you need are identical to any other region in the world.

You can offer care to your family and friends

How many times were you upset that there was nothing you can do to help your friends or family feel better?

Being a nurse allows you to have a better knowledge of the human body and the health issues that can arise, but you can also use that info to help alleviate the pain of your friends and family. It’s a really exciting thing and one that can deliver an extraordinary value all around.


In conclusion, there are plenty of reasons why you should become a nurse.

From being a job that has a great paycheck attached to actually having the opportunity of saving lives and treating the ones you care about, being a nurse definitely has a lot of perks.

Just like any other job it does have its hard moments, but saving a person’s life and being able to make a difference in the life of your community is definitely a great privilege, something that only select few, including nurses, have the ability to encounter!


This material was prepared by an independent third party.

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