5 Struggles that Nurses Deal with Day in Day out

When you have to admit your beloved one in hospital, you often ignore the role of a nurse.

We talk to the doctors, we request them so many things but we forget that the role played by a nurse is equally important and sometimes even more than the doctor himself.

Doctors just talk about what should be done and then it is the nurse who takes care of the patient all the day long.

The life of a nurse is full of struggle.

They have to struggle for their patients, they have to struggle for their families and they have to struggle for themselves as well.

Here we will be talking about a few struggling areas of a nurse that we ignore most of the time. And thanks the doctor after the recovery of the patient.



Multi-tasking ability

One of the prime qualities of a nurse is to be able of multi-tasking.

Managing the tough and sometimes irritating problems of the patients, offering them medicines at the right time, managing the family, taking care of children, different patients, different problems – handling all these matters alongside is a real tough job.

And a registered nurse performs these tasks on a daily basis.


Nursing training

Completing the nursing training is again a real hard job.

This is not like any other coursed.

The gradation system is very strict and nurses have to give test at every step.

This training is often quite expensive as well.

And the funniest part is at the end of the training, you find that the real job is a whole lot different.


Legal responsibilities

This is not about simple taking care and all.

If anything goes wrong, the nurse may have to face legal problems.

When you are a nurse, you are actually taking legal responsibilities to take care of your patient.

You cannot go wrong with this.


Unhygienic workplace

It is known that no matter how clean the hospital is the risk is always there.

Nurses have to stay in that atmosphere day in and day out.

Even though they take proper care, but the risk is always there.

So, apart from taking care of the patients, they have to struggle with their working atmosphere as well which doesn’t happen in any other profession.


Working at odd hours

There is no specific working schedule of a nurse.

What I mean is unlike any other profession, nurses may have to do their duty at odd hours also.

They may have to work at night shifts or a early morning shift.

There may not be week-off in some situations.

The working hour may get extended more than 12 hours a day.

Practically, it can be changed anytime and every time since emergency is common in this profession.

So, they have to deal with these situations day in and day out.

And when it comes to the appreciation, the doctors take it all.

Here are just 5 reasons but there are lot more other reasons as well.
This material was prepared by an independent third party.
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