They are selfless in that they always put others’ needs in front of their own.

They are caring and go to great lengths to be sure that those who are under their watch are comfortable.

They are sensitive to highly confidential topics that they discuss with patients of theirs, and are therefore empathetic by nature.

They must learn to adapt to many situations, some that may be very stressful, and are able to carry that type of adaptation into their personal lives.

They are trusting with information conveyed to them by those they assist and their trustworthiness transcends to friendships and relationships.

They are passionate individuals and they love in the same manner.

They are decisive and make sound decisions for the benefit of others on a regular basis, thus possessing the intangibles of being a great parent.

They are educated and have a desire to continuously improve themselves and gain further knowledge, which is an attractive attribute for anyone to possess.

They are level-headed despite adversity that they face daily in a very demanding career field, often times with ailing patients who require a lot of attention, thus allowing them to remain cool and collected during difficult times in their own relationships.

They are fighters; they don’t quit and they don’t allow others to quit. They give every single ounce of energy to the task at hand, often times at the cost of sacrificing their own health and well-being.

They don’t do what they do for monetary value, but for the value it provides them in their hearts to know that they are helping someone that cannot help themselves.


Written by Jason Frederico, CreativeNurse team member in Las Vegas

2016-30276  10/17