One of the Best  Online Nursing Education in the USA

The prevalence of education programs online has caught up with school of nursing initiatives with several highly rated institutions providing a variety of educational pathways to train nurses and invest in the efficiency of health delivery systems across the country and beyond.

Here is an outline of schools providing programs online for nursing education:

John Hopkins University

John Hopkins University was recently rated as one of the top ten nursing education providers, and there is a range of graduate-level and online nursing classes that can be accessed in this privately owned institution.

All school of nursing graduate-level online classes are recorded and meticulously archived so that students can access them and be continuously updated

Application deadlines fall on January 1 each year.

 Duke University

Duke University is another privately owned nursing education provider that was rated in the top ten online nursing schools across America.

Statistics from this school shows that up to 99% of students here already had a job as at the time of their enrolment.

So, opting for programs online was a means of continuing education and career advancement for them. Classes are also recorded for student to access at their convenience later on.

Application deadlines are set for December 1 each year.

St Xavier University

St Xavier University is also privately owned and was top-rated among online nursing education providers across the USA.

It operates out of Chicago, and it has the record of 100% employment for its students before commencing online nursing education.

It provides recorded online classes as an archive to be accessed by students whenever they so desire.

It is also a nationally designated center of excellence for online nursing education in America and is clearly a favorite with any nurse considering further education.

The school maintains a rolling admission pattern all-year round

University of South Carolina

University of South Carolina is also a public institution that was rated among the top online nursing education providers in the USA.

It recorded 90% for its data of students who already had a job before proceeding on online nursing education, which indicates that most students were pursuing the programs online for career advancement and continuing education.

Its online classes are also recorded for students’ access at any time.

This public institution had its nursing education launched in year 2000

The school operates a deadline of April 1 for admissions.


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