How to get your dream job as Nurse right from College

In these days, there are many RN who finished their education, got their license, however they do not have a job they want. Why so many nurse have a challenging time to get a job, however, there is a way of increasing your chances of getting the job you want.

Take advantage of your professor’s help

Many of your professors at your school are working or have been working at the medical field. Why not  ask them about various opportunities? They have been in the same position and many of them have passion to help younger people.

Volunteer and get involved

How many of you noticed, that many influential people help out non-profits? There is a simple explanation why. They want to give back to community. You can do the same thing by looking for opportunities how to get involved in the community where many nurses are participating or simply volunteer in a local hospital.

Get entry level job at the Hospital

To get a job right from college can be very challenging however, if you are working for a hospital as a front desk clerk, you got the opportunity to see the job openings on the bulletin or hear from managers about new positions.

Set up LinkedIn account and make it perfect

LinkedIn is the most powerful tool which can help you get the job you want. There is a catch…there is many resources how to make a great LinkedIn profile. Many Human resource personnel uses LinkedIn to screen the candidate. Make sure that your online presents reflect what you want.

To be able to get the nursing job you want right from the college takes a lot of planning. You need to have a plan in place which will allows you to open more than one door to your future nursing position.

Written by: Honza Hroch, Co-Founder  of CreativeNurse