Nurses:  The Greatest Investors in the World

Despite the possibility of not realizing it, if you’re a nurse, you are one phenomenal investor.

You see, you invest in the world’s greatest asset and make sure it stays healthy or that it returns to top health if it is slightly under-performing.

The asset I’m referring to may not be one you’ve thought of in this sense, but goodness is it important!

Without your contribution to the investment that is Human Capital, the world’s physical well-being wouldn’t be as we know it today.

To that point, and because you spend so many countless hours of your lives investing in others, you may or may not be neglecting one very important element of your life:  You

You may be thinking, “How might I be neglecting myself?”  Well, if you are not investing, in the traditional sense, this may apply to you.

Often times, in my experience, I’ll find that when an individual is so engrained in their responsibility to others they forget to take care of themselves.

Because the nursing profession is our sole focus here at CreativeNurse, we want to bring topics such as these to the forefront of your mind.

If some of the items below pertain to you, you may want to ask yourself an extremely important question: “Am I investing in myself as much and as often as my financial well-being deserves?”

  • Am I saving 10-15% of my gross income each month?
  • Do I have a sufficient emergency fund that’s equal to three to six months of my salary?
  • Am I contributing to a qualified retirement account, such as a 401(k) or Roth IRA, and if so, do I understand the key points that makeup where I am investing my money within that account?
  • When is the last time I’ve taken the time to review my financial well-being with a professional?
  • Do I have an end goal in mind, or am I living paycheck-to-paycheck and hoping things work out the way I’d like?


If the above questions sound like they’d pertain to your own situation, an evaluation by a financial professional that is specific to you personally might be just what the doctor ordered.

After all, none of us can take care of others the way we’d truly like to without first making sure we take care of ourselves.

At CreativeNurse, our goal is to be sure nurses across the country get their annual check-ups – financial, that is!


Written by Jason Frederico CreativeNurse Team member in Las Vegas

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