Is Nursing a Profession That Anyone Could Do?

A career choice takes much thought and most times a lot of education to enter a particular job market in the health profession.

Some people make a career choice a few different times before they find their special niche.

One such career choice is that of nursing.

Nursing is in high demand and continues to push forward into areas that require higher and faster technology, increased skills, and expertise.

Nursing is one field of endeavor that has wide open paths, branching out into unlimited opportunities in many different medical venues.


Nurses who have earned their Registered Nursing degree are happy with their career choice, yet some may ask the question, “Is nursing the biggest mistake of my life?”

Every career has its up and down days, and nursing is no exception.

Realize that this is a natural course of events in any job and this gives him or her continued hope that they made the right choice to join the medical field of nursing.


It is our high technology world that is forcing career choices like nursing to advance on into specialized areas in the medical arena.

It seems as though nurses cannot just be nurses anymore.

Nurses must now be more skilled, more educated, and flow with the rampant new technologies of the ever changing medical field we live in today.

A nursing profession must be chosen for the right reasons.

Hospitals everywhere are encouraging and sometimes forcing their nurses to get more education, or he or she could lose their job if they refuse to advance their education which is in addition to the CEUs that nurses earn at least every two years.


If a nurse starts at the bottom of the ladder and obtains her CENA, (Certified Competency Evaluated Nursing Assistant) or Licensed Practical Nurse Certification, he or she is soon pushed forward into getting a Registered Nursing Degree.

There are few options for an LPN in the career of nursing today as there once was years ago.

Even an RN is finding that she must obtain her bachelor’s and master’s degree to stay in the profession he or she has come to embrace or leave the nursing profession.


There is much talk in the news about soon expected drastic shortages of doctors, and the role of the nurse is fast becoming a vital element in the healthcare industry.

Once the nurse has obtained her master’s degree in nursing, she will continue advanced education for a short time more and get his or her nurse practitioner’s license.


Now he or she can legally diagnose, prescribe, and treat patients with microscopic supervision from her doctor partner.

He or she can now open up his or her office and work in the realm of the traditional physician, mostly replacing the regular physician.

Some highly educated nurses get their law degree in medical malpractice and work as lawyers.

These doors are wide open to anyone who has the desire and motivation to learn and excel in the nursing profession.


While some men and women in the nursing profession may feel that this career choice was the biggest mistake of their life, others feel that getting a nursing degree was only the beginning of a great future offering a wealth of options and a secure future.


Fortunate are the people who work most of their life at a job they love going to and who learn something new every day.

Fortunate are the people who find their niche in a career field that gives back to the community, such as the nursing profession that opens up full paths of opportunities in an unlimited realm of choices and a desire to help humanity.

A nursing profession must be chosen for the right reasons.