Should I be Scared of Investing in the Market?

As a nurse, you may be thinking — I work long 12 hour shifts, frequently asked to do overtime and deal with lots of stress.

So do I really want to deal with the additional stress of investing my money in the stock market? What are the benefits of doing this?

Let’s take a look at why it can be very advantageous for you to invest in the market.

Also, why it can be very important to have money invested in different portfolios.

As you work and earn an income, you also spend money.

You’ll also tend to spend even more money over time just because of the simple reason that goods and services become more expensive over time due to inflation.

Historically inflation rises around 3% per year.*

One may not always see this increase because of earning more money simultaneously over time.

This increase in income can be from either advancement in one’s career or due to designated incremental salary increases.

So why the need to invest your money?

There are many important reasons why you should build an investment portfolio.

It can help you to understand inflation and the importance of diversification.

Ok, sounds risky?

Historically investing in the stock market was not a very risky adventure if everyone involved understand what the ultimate goal of the specific account and the amount of time your money is locked into the investment.

When we look back in time there are very few 10 year periods where the stock market wasn’t positive. It is almost impossible to find a 15 year time period over which the stock market did not produce a positive rate of return.**

Investing in the stock market is common for many people who participate in a retirement plan at work or through an individual account.

Many people do not pay much attention to how and where their own money is being invested.

Despite the stock market’s rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, it is an essential part of most financial plans.

Therefore, it is important to understand your investment timeframe, how your money is allocated, and what your risk profile is.

Having multiple investment portfolios with different timeframes ensure your money is accessible to attain your planned goals.

Written by CreativeNurse Team




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