The Biggest Challenges of Being an Emergency Room Nurse

It is expected that emergency room nurses are professionally and physically capable of performing their tasks while still maintaining an elegant generalist reputation. The job in itself presents a challenge, as each and every nurse need to know about all aspects of being a nurse in this crucial department.

As certain television shows depict it, being a nurse inside the ER presents a roller coaster ride. It is both dramatic, unpredictable, challenging, and needs a whole lot of team effort. While those life-threatening and extremely dramatic scenarios do not really have to happen in a solid, one-hour period, the overall idea is somewhat similar.

Reality dictates that despite the fact that serving at an emergency room as a nurse is appealing; it is a job that is not cut for everybody. True, there are a lot of advantages, but the challenges involved are also critical. In the viewpoint of a professional nurse, these challenges are more of exciting rather than a burden.

What the Challenge Involves

An emergency room nurse has to face different challenges each and every day, and there is no such thing as routine in this type of job because different things happen at a time. The privilege of helping others during their most difficult times is just overwhelming that these nurses are really referred to as heroes.

As mentioned, ER nurses are generally considered as professionals who have the reputation of elegant generalists. This only means that they need to have a great deal of knowledge regarding all the different aspects in nursing. While some nurses need to have a specified knowledge on certain fields, nurses who work in the emergency room should know everything so as to effectively work in this department.

In a day, a nurse may have to treat different patients who are suffering from different types of illnesses from chest pains, severe respiratory distress, seizures, overdose incidences, pulmonary edema, and numerous several other situations. The list even goes far more for those who are working at the surgical section of the emergency room, as they need to deal with lacerations, fractures, ectopic pregnancies or traumatic injuries.

As a nurse, you can never anticipate what will happen in a day. The only thing that is sure is the need to offer the best nurse care regardless of the situation. By nature, this type of job is unpredictable and sporadic at the same time. There are unplanned situations, unexpected events, as well as undiagnosed problems that need accurate and prompt intervention and assessment. On the other hand, it is this very sporadic challenge that makes the job very fulfilling; one that provides happiness beyond compare.



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