The Different Types of Nursing Careers available…

As you brave through entering your career in Nursing, you will have the opportunity to choose from over five dozens of specializations.

Just as the human body is made of various system complexities, a specific type of nursing expertise will be needed to heal a person’s exact condition.

As you embark on your journey of becoming a nurse, here are just few of the most in demand Nursing specialties of today:

Becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife

This type of nursing expertise requires professionals to care for various aspects of a woman’s gynecological and obstetrical health.

Some nurses would be caring for women starting from puberty until the menopausal stage.

What makes this a critical job is the dedication to care for pregnant women.

Upon giving birth and caring for newborn infants, the Nurse Midwife would also be ready to assist and attend to their patients.

Critical Care Nurses

The specialization is considered to be highly demanded as nurses would be attending to the needs of patients with highly critical cardiac conditions, neurological sicknesses, burns and other types life-threatening conditions.

If you consider yourself as a type of professional who’s passionate about working on intense cases, then being in Critical Care could be one of your considerations. As a future Critical Care Nurse, you would be challenged to find how every minuscule detail of a treatment can be quite telling of how you can make a difference in the lives of your patients.

Be a Geriatric Nurse

This type of nursing expertise involves caring for aged patients.

If you have the heart and passion towards caring for the elderly, and you appreciate the looks of wisdom, which they would give out to those who come their way, then you may consider becoming a Geriatric Nurse.

It would also be a plus to learn how this nursing type is starting to be in demand, due to the increase of aging baby boomers.

Surgical Nurse

If you’re highly interested about the ins and outs of surgeries, then you may go for this type of expertise.

As another in demand type of specialty, surgical nurses are required to assist, track and monitor the conditions of patients, which go through various types of surgeries.

Did you also know the demand for this specialization is expected to increase by 30%*in less than five years (on 2020)?

It also would not hurt to find how a surgical nurse’s salary can be quite competitive within a whole year.

This is certainly one career, which is equally challenging and rewarding.

There are many more types of nursing specializations which you can choose from.

Aside from considering how they will be in demand within several years, it is also important for you to pick the type, which you’re passionate about so you could also have a fulfilling career in the long run.


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