Valuable Money Saving Tips for Nurses

In my nursing profession, I never had chance to study books that teach you how to manage your finances. This nursing career is very demand because we have patients to take care of and some of us families too to take care of. You find that we do not have much time in our hands, because we are busy taking care of others. I was a poor manager of my finances, and I just lived, without paying much attention to the way I was managing my finances. However, I realized that financial management is essential so that I can set long-term financial goals and achieve them on time before rescheduling them and postponing them again. I learned valuable saving tips on CreativeNurse that have helped me put my finances back on track.

Minimize your Credit Card Use

Although the nursing profession offers job security, I learned that it is advisable to spend the money wisely, in order to achieve other financial goals. The first valuable tip I learned is how to limit my charges incurred by my credit card. I avoid using my credit card as much as I can, and, therefore, do the small purchases using cash. I reserve the credit card use for big purchases only.

Spend your Free Time Doing Something Constructive

Our profession is very demanding and at the end of the shift, you are always tired and ready for a long deserved rest.  Avoid the urge to go for shopping and spending spree, you can stay at home and do something constructive like reading a book, gardening and other activities that do not cost you money.

Go for Wholesale Scrub Suits

The nursing profession demands regular scrub purchases. You can cut the cost by doing an online research where you get your uniform at unbelievably cheap prices. Many online retailers have amazing offers for you. I tried it, and it made a significance difference on my monthly budget.

Buy E-Books instead of Buying Prints

The digital platform has brought a new revolution; you no longer need to go to the bookshop to purchase that book you need to do your research. You can get the book online, and it is significantly cheaper than the hardcopy. This is a great saving tip because our profession requires constant reading and research.

Observe Healthy eating

We are in the health profession, but it is challenging to stay away from the fast foods because of our busy schedules. It is easy to grab a burger on our home because we are so drained at the end of the day, such that we can barely stay awake. However, we can adopt healthy lifestyle and start eating right. You will notice the difference in your monthly budget when you eliminate the fast foods expenses.


I applied those saving tips, and I have seen a significant difference in my monthly budget.


Written by Lauren S-H, RN