Have you ever thought about what it takes to become wealthy?

Many people try to get wealthy through quick schemes, through gamble, the lottery or hoping that they will inherit some money at some point in the future. The problem is that the likelihood of obtaining the wealth this way is almost non-existent. The truth though is that most people would be able to accumulate wealth if they could follow some basic structure and discipline. The challenge is that there are several obstacles and distractions along the way and staying clear of those is very important.


Lack of discipline (living outside of your budget) personal and consumer Inflation as well as having an overall financial plan.

Lack of Discipline

How disciplined are you when it comes to your financial plan?

Do you feel like you are saving and investing enough every month/year?

Many people lack the discipline of following a path of savings and investing and therefore they never reach their goals and objectives. Understanding the impact of starting early and understanding what the right amount of new savings should be will help get the process started.

Once an individual/family develops the discipline and starts building up savings for their short-term, mid-term and long-term goals they may very well be on the right path of becoming wealthy. Relying on unlikely rates of returns or relying on a possible inheritance only discourages new savings and encourages people to live beyond their means.

Personal Inflation

All goods and services tend to become more expensive over the years and according to www.BLS.gov $1,000 in 1995 would have the same buying power as $1,560 today.  That basically means that goods and services over the last 20 years increases cumulative by about 56% This is one type of inflation but there is also personal inflation which includes improved lifestyle, new technology gadgets that gets replaced every 2 years and keeping up with the lifestyle of friends and neighbors. If you are able to control these road blocks you are already closer to becoming wealthy in the future.

Having systematic savings in place, understanding your goal of each savings/investment account and sticking to the plan will get you closer to a successful financial future.

There are many other aspects involved when developing a financial plan that is set up to  increase  the likelihood of creating wealth for you and your family One of those areas involves making sure that unexpected life events such as loss of job due to sickness,  premature death or market corrections does not impact your goals and dreams.

Written by Honza Hroch Co-Founder CreativeNurse                                                                                                                                                                                                             2015-15005 Exp. 12/17